Peace of Mind is all about saving you time and money. We strive to simplify your life, reduce your stress and bring work / life balance to your every day schedule. Click on the service list below to read a full description of each. Click on the arrows below to view the details of each service. Click here to view our Additional Select Services.


Personal Concierge Services 

We provide an outstanding combination of joint local knowledge, an expansive network of valuable connections and the utmost care in personal and confidential service. Your very own Personal Concierge is readily available and always working hard behind the scenes to provide you with seamless impeccable service that frees up your time and simplifies your life.

If you are looking to optimize your schedule, increase your sales / income, make the most of your money and maximize your personal enjoyment in Southwest Florida, look to the best concierge service in town – Peace of Mind. Relax in the knowledge that you are in the hands of an experienced team that is always ready to meet your needs and make your every day a more gratifying experience.

  • Reminder Services
  • Appointment Setting Services
  • Restaurant Reservations
  • Activity Reservations
  • Golf T-Times
  • Floral Orders
  • Tickets Purchased for concerts, plays and other shows
  • Online ordering
  • Fishing Trips
  • Spa Appointments
  • Personal Chef Service Arrangements
  • Thank you Cards & Birthday Cards

Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant Services

At Peace of Mind, we understand the importance of attention to detail and quality teamwork. Our Personal Assistant Services are geared towards servicing the professional who wants to be at the top of his/her game.

We provide an array of varied services to assist you with many tasks and help you get the job done right the first time around. Our services provide you with a Personal Assistant when you need one with out having to pay the monthly salary of someone you don’t need every day. You can request four hours a month to keep on top of a project, or as many hours as you need to manage or oversee a group of projects.

When hiring our personal assistants you will be able to select from any of the following jobs.

  • Temporary Office Help
  • Computer Research
  • Database Developing
  • Evaluate your competition
  • Thank you Cards
  • Referral Tracking Program
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Concierge Services
  • Deliveries

Corporate Concierge

Corporate Concierge 

Through our Corporate Concierge Services, Peace of Mind offers companies first class, business-focused, corporate concierge solutions for the people closest to their companies success; clients, partners and employees.

Employees – Corporate Concierge services can take care of the many employee needs that are holding them back from working to their full potential. By providing this benefit to your employees, you are helping them find the balance between their personal and professional lives, which leads to a stress free environment of productivity, loyalty and personal growth.

Clients – Do you want to WOW your clients and potential clients? Do what other business are doing to get noticed and get the edge over the competition. Appoint them a Corporate Concierge Service assistant. Use your marketing dollars to stand out above the competition and be the business to do business with. We will assist your clients with their corporate, personal and life balancing needs.

Examples of our Services

  • Appointment Setting
  • Restaurant Reservations
  • Activities Planned
  • Golf T-Times
  • Floral Orders
  • Tickets Purchased for concerts, plays and other shows
  • Online ordering
  • Pick Up and Drop Off of Dry Cleaning
  • Trade Show Services
  • Spa Appointments
  • Personal Chef arranged for you
  • Thank you Cards
  • Event Planning

Home Watch Services

Home Watch Services 

Do you have someone looking after your Florida home while you are away or on a vacation? Did you know that within 48 hours, mold will start to grow where there has been water damage? Many homeowners have peace of mind knowing their Florida home is watched over by the best in town. Peace of Mind is your trustworthy friend in Southwest Florida, watching over one of your biggest investments and the place you call home. Our Home Watch Services are what you need to keep your Florida home in tip top shape until you arrive again. Call us today and get Peace of Mind!

  • Inspect for vandalism
  • Check outside lighting
  • Check Doors, Windows
  • Screen enclosure
  • Check Mailbox
  • Newspapers picked up
  • Lawn Check
  • Pool Check
  • Check Appliances
  • Check Air Conditioning
  • Flush/check all toilets
  • Run/check all faucets
  • Run kitchen sink disposal
  • Check water heater
  • Visual check for insects
  • Check Alarm System
  • Car Starts

Be sure to ask us about the Neighborhood Special Offer.

Patient Services

Patient Services

Did you just have surgery or are you planning to have surgery? Who is helping you recover? Do you have a pet that needs to be walked? Is there someone to stay with you during the day to help you with meals and house cleaning? What if you could have one of our team members with you during the day? Our team members specialize in helping patients recover which in turn reduces your stress and ultimately your recovery time.

Here is an example of some of the things we take care of for our patients: 

  • Preparing meals
  • Answering the phone
  • Taking pets for walks
  • Feeding pets
  • Answering the door
  • Picking up mail and deliveries
  • Doing dishes
  • Maintaining Laundry
  • Appointment setting
  • Communication with service personnel such as lawn and pool companies
  • Answering the door
  • Making coffee
  • Appointment setting


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